2nd Annual Aldine Chopped a Success

2nd Annual Aldine Chopped a Success
Posted on 03/09/2016
2nd Annual Aldine Chopped a Success
March 3rd, was a special day for the Culinary Arts programs for Nimitz, Aldine, and Davis High School. They all competed in Aldine’s version of Chopped that took place at Davis’ Culinary Arts room. 
The teams were striving to gain the approval of 8 judges which were; Mary Gatlin of Gatlin’s BBQ, Henry Skupin of Taste of Texas, Joey Luna and Lauren Altendorf  of Revival Market. Three judges were from the Culinary Institute LeNorte: Charles Vaughn, Cody and Cullen Chapman. The final judge was one of Davis’ very own Alumni, Christian Robles, who is a Culinary Arts student at the University of Houston. The judges were looking forward to seeing what the future Chefs’ had cooked and who was going to get Chopped.
The first round was an appetizer round and all three teams had 30 minutes to incorporate shrimp, fennel, corn on the cob, and melon. The first to bring out their plates was Aldine High School. Aldine made melon wrapped shrimp with a sauce, sweet corn and jalapeno sauce. Next team was Davis who made creamy, cantaloupe soup, sauteed shrimp and a hint of paprika, salt, pepper, and garlic. Finally, Nimitz came out with their appetizer that consisted of a sweet salad with vinaigrette and fennel sauteed sweet shrimp. While the judges discussed the the dishes each teams took their break and were anxious to find out who got Chopped. Fortunately, all three teams did so well that no one was Chopped for Round 1. All three teams moved on to round 2.
The Entree round was 45 minutes the teams had to use peach tea, dried apricot, radish , and quinoa. First to bring their dish out was Nimitz who used their peach tea to be the base of everything that came in their dish. Next was Davis, they made a salad of pickled radish and a vinaigrette of apricots that were soaked in peach tea. They fried their chicken and topped it off with a mushroom and onion sauce. Lastly Aldine came out with quinoa rice, sauteed asparagus and radish, sauteed chicken with jalapeno, apricot, and peach tea sauce. The team to be Chopped on Round 2 was Aldine High School.

Onto the Dessert round which was 30 minutes. The two remaining teams had to make a dessert that had crushed pineapple, vanilla pudding, white chocolate latte, and whipped cream. Nimitz came out first with their dessert: white mocha whipped cream mousse, a hint of almond extract, french vanilla pudding with cinnamon sauce, topped with blueberries for freshness. Davis came out with a beautifully presented dessert and pulled points for their presentation.  Nimitz was “chopped” leaving Davis High School as the champions.