CPR as easy as ABC

CPR as easy as ABC
Posted on 11/02/2015
CPR as easy as ABCOn October 28-29, 2015, the Benjamin O. Davis High School Health Science Department held First Aid andCardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification courses for students and the staff members. This training prepares students for hospital rotations and clinical internships. Mrs. Marian Sage, the CPR/First Aid instructor, came to Davis High School to demonstrate to students how they could save a person from having a heart attack or from choking. She also taught safety methods that a person should take and to how to treat a child or adult with 1st -3rd degree burns, bruises, frostbite, reptile and spider bites, insect stings and how to use an Epi Pin for allergies and anaphylactic shock.  

“When a person gets a cut, the safest thing to do is to place a clean towel on it and apply pressure to the wound,” Sage said.Mrs. Sage has taught First Aid and CPR for 25 years in clinics, dental offices, CPREmergency Medical Services training, for healthcare professionals and high school students. She has been visiting schools in and around Aldine ISD, such as Cleveland High School, to teach students the importance of safety in a person, including little children or babies. Mrs. Sage also shared that her first experience doing First Aid and CPR was at a fire station in Cy-Fair.

She loves being a trainer because it saves people’s lives. “Real-life situations like these make us realize that when we see people that are injured or in need of medical assistance, we should give them immediate care because it can make a difference to the person and the community. That makes us Good Samaritans,” said Mrs. Sage.