Conformity, Suppression, Education

Conformity, Suppression, Education
Posted on 04/04/2019

Article by: Drayton Turner
The current state of America’s schools is incredibly flawed and in a constant state of decline. An alarming number of young American citizens are being forced into a broken educational system that barely has enough time to focus on its own respective issues concerning things such as funding and financial management, let alone enough time to spend focusing on the uplifting and development of its students. However, not all of our schools problems are as materialistic in nature  as the lack of funding.
The overall safety of our students has yet to be guaranteed, and has anyone noticed the shocking similarities between our learning institutions and our prisons? In order to establish an environment in which students are allowed to be their true selves, their creative selves, their selves that are capable of learning new information and retaining the information being taught, a certain amount of funding needs to be present in the classroom. However, with many of our schools designating an immense amount of funding to their athletic programs, there seems to be no room for academic funding in the education system’s budget. Schools are actively initiating budget cuts to fund their sports programs restricting access to funding from things such as music programs and extracurricular clubs. In addition to this, Katy ISD recently broke ground on its 61 million dollar football stadium in 2016 after reporting in 2016  that the districts outstanding bonded debt was 1.7 billion dollars.School shootings such as the Sandy Hook atrocity, the Columbine situation, the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas, or the catastrophe at Great Mills High are all instances in which public schools failed to keep it’s students safe. In no way am I blaming any of these schools for the tragedies that took place in them however we shouldn't be experiencing an era in which students fear for their lives every time they walk through the sometimes ineffective metal detectors at their local public school. We place the responsibility on our students to “know the signs and report questionable behavior” and although being able to do both of these things is proving to be a vital skill for students to have, we shouldn't need to put this pressure on our students. The problem is the unaddressed lack of control schools have over the situations that can cause a school shooting. Bullying on and off campus, the lack of empathy in a student’s life,  etcetera.Wake up at a certain, eat at a certain time, sit in a room with brick walls, and have your individuality, creativity, and rebellious aspects of your personality stripped and/or suppressed for a set amount of hours a day. What do you picture when you hear this? I think Harris County Precinct 1, orange jumpsuits inadequate meals, and a class system determined by race, social status, and the connections your able to make, but I also am able to find similarities between schools and correctional facilities “overall, both industries suppress people into conformity.”- Sedona Allen. An environment such as this is no place for a child or an adolescent with aspirations to learn, to be in and yet they are forced to experience these conditions five days a week 8 hours a day 9 out of the 12 months in a year for 12 years. Conclusively, instead of being institutions for education that provide a safe place for students to grow and learn, schools are proving to be places where adolescent dreams go to die. Where creativity and individuality are suppressed. Where the flame of youth is extinguished. Where defiance is countered and conformity is rewarded. However, it doesn't have to be like this, there's still time to change all it takes is the first step.