Culinary Arts Program Shines

Posted on 09/21/2015
 Davis Senior High School is well known for producing the Nation’s Best.  As the newest high school in Aldine, Davis is on the cutting edge of providing ALL of it’s students ample opportunity to succeed in a variety of ways.  The CTE (Career and Technology Education) program is an example of how students are being exposed to a myriad of career opportunities.  Dea Haynie, the lead instructor in the Culinary Arts program, brings in numerous guest presenters each year to make sure she exposes her students to the variety of professional options for hotel and restaurant management.  This past week, she invited Sierra Toppel Bishop of the Art Institute of Houston to talk with her 3rd and 4th year students about opportunities in the culinary arts field that are ever growing in the Houston area.  Mrs. Haynie provides many opportunities for her students to experience this field through practical application from lunches provided to the school staff each semester, to providing made-to-order breakfast for a statewide conference held at Davis High School.  Mrs. Haynie has been the instructor in this program at Davis High School since the 2013-2014 school year