Davis High School Pride

Davis High School Pride
Posted on 09/17/2016
Davis Pride

What is Davis Pride?  Davis Pride is what students and faculty should be striving for on a daily basis.  Performance, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence in all you do.  These words ring out through the announcements every day, and are talked about at every school gathering.  The question comes up, what does Davis pride look like when students and staff exhibit these attributes?  Every quarter we ask staff to recommend students and fellow faculty for great examples of this pride as demonstrated every day at Davis High School.

XavierXavier Henderson  was able to grasp a writing method much faster than his classmates. Rather than take the time to talk and potentially run the risk of getting in trouble, Xavier chose to tutor a fellow classmate who had been struggling with his writing as a result of a language barrier.  The student was greatly appreciative of “Zay’s” assistance and was proud to tell his teacher how Xavier made him feel accepted!  Students helping their fellow students builds teamwork and self pride.  Xavier’s teacher was truly appreciative of his willingness to help his fellow student.  Examples such as this are replicated everyday throughout the Davis community of students.  

AwesomeVe Shawn Williams displayed integrity with an administrator when money was found on the floor in the cafeteria.  The student could have been dishonest and claim the money as his own, but he remained honest and truthful!  His aunt was extremely excited about the PRIDE referral.  She has been working with him on making wise decisions and stopping to think before his actions!  

Maria Oliveros, a new staff member at Davis High School has stepped into the role of ESL clerk in a time of great stress and has followed through and implemented all of the duties beautifully.  Ms. Oliveros stepped into her position and ran with it.  Being new t

Prideo the school offered challenges that she quickly overcame to accomplish her job to help students.  EVERYONE’s primary job in a school is to help students in one way, shape or form.  In addition to her official job duties, she has assisted the administrative office with translations with a very positive attitude. She has definitely become an asset to the DHS family!  Welcome to the Davis family and we are very glad to have you.