Davis Hosts 4th Annual Career Day

Davis Hosts 4th Annual Career Day
Posted on 11/06/2015
Career Day

     This past Wednesday, B.O. Davis Senior High held a mega college and career day  throughout their campus. This school wide event gave students the opportunity to learn of the different careers and fields dominating in the industry right now. With over 40 participants from the community, the students were exposed to a variety of career choices in fields including engineering, marketing, education, business, computer science, and the military. Faculty members from the school also invited their own guest speakers to present during their class periods.

     In addition, the students of Davis High School were able to talk to college representatives that came to participate in the event. Texas schools such as Texas A&M, University of Houston, University of Houston-Victoria, and Lone Star College set up booths in the commons area of the high school to provide students with information on their campus. During lunches, the students had the opportunity to go talk to the representatives on things concerning admission, financial aid, majors, etc. Presentations on these topics were also given during CTE and english classes by a number of other college representatives. The Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force, also sent recruiters to come help the students determine if the military is the best choice that’ll ensure them of a bright future. The booths that they set up in the commons and presentations the recruiters gave during classes were popular amongst the students and appreciated by many seniors who had just received their ASVAB scores.

 Lunch    After a long day of helping students determine what career choice would enable them to have a successful future, the Career Day participants were treated to a meal and beverages generously provided by Mrs. Haynie’s culinary arts class. They were also awarded a certificate in appreciation of their participation in this event. The hospitality Davis High School provided and the student’s interest in what each presenter had to offer assured the school of their participation in the next year’s Career Day event.