Davis Marching Band Hard at Work

Davis Marching Band Hard at Work
Posted on 08/08/2016
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While most teens are spending their time sleeping in and staying indoors, a few hundred tough Davis students are hard at work. Don’t think football or volleyball…think music.fullband

The Falcon Brigade Band began their season for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year in June. According the Charlene Richard, Drill Team Director, “June Pre-camp registered over 230 students for the upcoming year!”  The Davis band is under the Direction of Director Mr. Mark Richard just has it has been since the school opened in 2012.  Band Camp began on July 29th and runs through August 19th.  Preparation time is extensive, practice runs 6-8 hours a day during summer camp in preparation for the upcoming season.

The Falcon Brigade performs during the halftime show to entertain the crowd during the football season.  The band performs at all home games and many away games.  The Falcon Brigade marching band consists of over 200 students, from both Davis Senior High School and the 9th grade campus.

  The band has a full complement of instructors, including Allen Casey, Assistant Band Director & Director of Percussion; Ross Gordon, Assistant Band Director & Director of the 9th grade center; Mr. Mark Klinger, Percussion Assistant & Sideline Percussion Instructor; and Charlene Richard, Colorguard & Visual Design Director.

The inaugural year of the Falcon Brigade Band consisted of only 75 members.  Each year, the band has continued to grow in size.  Davis High School has had abandstaff very successful track record on its path toward creating  an award winning band program.  Over the past several years, they have received several UIL Division One ratings, and Sweepstake awards, as well as other honors.   

Everyone knows that the football team starts early in their practice season, but most do not realize that the marching band students start working for the next year early as well.  Many students will attend a band camp on their own during the summer for intensive practice focusing not only on their musical skills, but their marching skills as well.  The complexity involved in both playing an instrument and performing precise movements across a football field takes hours of practice each day to master.  Each year is a new season and a new show.  The Falcon Brigade Marching Band will be presenting their 2016 program entitled “Cubed, the Power of 3”.

When gathering in July, the marching band members will begin practicing in small groups, individually, and as a full band for weeks prior to the first football game to help them learn the new music and the complex movements they are required to perform on the field.  During the marching season students will often be expected to perform at football game on Friday evening, and then compete against other band programs across the Houston area and the rest of the state on Saturday afternoon, while still maintaining excellent grades.  Band students, as with any other UIL activity, are required to maintain their grades in order to participate.

Keep an eye (and an ear) out this fall for the outstanding performances of these hardworking students this fall.