Davis Students CERT Certified

Davis Students CERT Certified
Posted on 05/17/2016
Davis Students CERT Certified

After 8 weeks of intense training after school at the East Aldine District Office, Dr. Whittaker, Ms. Henson and 20 Health Science students have earned their Community Emergency Response Team Training Certification. This training allows each certified member the right to help in the event of natural and manmade disasters.  The following students have completed the training.

Hanh Tran

Viet Huynh

Andrea Torres

Princeton Siluangkhot

Reema Rai

Homa Kattel

Daijah Jackson

Nelxi Rodriguez

Doris Hernandez

Lilzy Hernandez

Phuong-Thao Tina Nguyen

Darrian Walker

Edvert Guerrero

Korel Chisley

Makayla Francis

Sheree Tipps

Nhi Nguyen

Brenda Martinez

Kaia Perkins

Leslie Naranjo

Breonna Wyatt

Cailynn McClendon-Scranton

Dr. Loverous Whittaker, II

Ms. Chandra Henson

In the course, students are go through 8 weeks of training in several areas to be prepared to respond to man made and natural disasters.

1) Disaster Preparedness - how to size up a situation and assess for damage before any rescue attempt takes place. Also how to be prepared for and respond to events such as: power outages, flooding, terrorism, drought, fire, hazardous materials, thunderstorms and many other dangers.

2) Disaster Medical Operations - students learn the basics of first aid and triage for victims and injuries

3) Fire Fighting and Hazardous Materials - students learn the different types of fire extinguishers and how and when to use them

4) Search And Rescue Operations - students learn how to work in teams to size up disaster sites, how to approach a rescue situation, performs lifts and carrying victims to safe areas.

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training certification course is taught in 3 hour blocks over 8 weeks through the Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management. Our class was held at the East Aldine District Office at 5333 Aldine Mail Route Houston, TX 77039. The Final Exercise was held at the Fire Marshall's Office at 2318 Atascocita Rd. Humble, TX 77396

Our teacher's information is listed below. Aldine District and Harris County offer a TEEN CERT class that we hope to implement into our curriculum next school year. In this class students interact with the school administration to assist in conducting and monitoring fire drills and disasters that may occur on campus, and the planning efforts to handle these events.