Little Shop of Horrors Completes Run at Davis

Little Shop of Horrors Completes Run at Davis
Posted on 01/22/2017
Little Shop of Horrors

    The Davis Players and Davis Singers completed their run of The Little Shop of Horrors Sunday, January 21st with their matinee showing at 5:00.  The production’s theatre directors were Cliff Alexander and Roenia Thompson. The production’s music and vocal directors were Daryle Freeman and Laneatha Jefferson. The production was the result of hundreds of hours of planning, preparation, set design and complicated lighting to turn the Davis stage into a “Little Shop Of Horrors.

    The plot for the show follows Meek flower shop assistant Seymour, played by Adrian Gonzalez, who pines for co-worker Audrey, played by Ashley Salmeron. George Goodluck does an amazing job portraying shop owner Mr. Mushnik.  During a total eclipse of the moon, Seymour discovers an unusual plant in the flower shop, which he names Audrey II,  The leed comes to find out that the plant only feeds on hu

man flesh and blood. The growing plant attracts a great deal of attention and business for the previously strugg


store located on skid row. After Seymour feeds Audrey's boyfriend, Orin. played by Arturo Miranda, to the plant after Orin's accidental death.   Seymour discovers he must come up with more bodies for the increasingly bloodthirsty plant.  The show is comical and shows the depth of the student actors, ranging in grades from 9th-12th.  

    Although the audience sees only the actors and actresses on stage, this show was a complete production, including intricate lighting, sound, and backstage management.  With a total cast and crew, including set designers and builders in excess of 75 students.  Little Shop Of Horrors proved to be a challenging production but was a great experience for all involved.

    The cast included members of the Davis choir and theatre  who performed the songs live.  The vocal ensemble consisted of members of the Davis Choir.  They included Regis Poullard, Kydria Scott, Jhazman Carter, and Naquell Turner.    Although not the first production for the Davis Players, this will go down as one of the most colorful and technically advanced productions in the school’s history.  The set was colorful and allowed the student set designer and builders to step out of their comfort zone to create a real masterpiece.  The live music, combined with the live singing and an amazing set and technical crew made this production a one of a kind.