New Superintendent Talks with Student Journalists.

Dr. Goffney, New Aldine ISD Superintendent Talks to Aviator Online
Posted on 05/31/2018
Dr. Goffney named Superintendent of the year

Interview with Superintendent Finalist

By: Sandra Garcia, Davis High School

On April 7th, 2018 Lufkin Independent School District Superintendent, LaTonya Goffney, was chosen as the lone finalist as Superintendent of Schools for Aldine Independent School District. On May 14th,  Aviator Online Student Media had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Goffney. Throughout the interview, Aviator Online learned a lot of great things about our new Superintendent, including her motivation as to why she decided to accept her new role as Superintendent of Schools for Aldine Independent School District.

Dr. Goffney understands the struggles of coming from a low-income family, being raised by her grandmother herself, and coming from a small town.  She experienced poverty from a young age and learned to appreciate the importance of a good education. She stated that it was education that made all the difference for her.  Having one person take a chance on her helped her evolve into the successful person that she is today. Knowing the fight it takes to come out of poverty, and she wants to make a difference in the lives of others.  Her goal is to focus the students and give them the opportunity that someone once gave her.

As for her plans for the District, she plans to get to know and interact with not only the staff but also with the students. She wants to get feedback on what our community thinks is needed to better the District.  She expressed, “Where there's unity, there is strength.” Dr. Goffney also included that many changes are already in place to improve the District. She plans to look at them and support those changes while exploring new opportunities.

Dr. Goffney genuinely cares about the future of the students stating, “I want all the kids to graduate with more than just a diploma.” She wants them to receive an education while in school, but to also learn about life.  One of her goals is to make sure that students have quality programs that they can learn life skills to help them long after they have left the high school setting. Also, she wants to improve the community school relationship, which is an essential endeavor to her.

With the media ever present in our society, we had to ask if she thought social media is important. She responded with, “Gotta go where the people are.” Dr. Goffney wants to see things through the “eyes of students.”  According to her, it provides an awareness of what is happening in the community. To her, communication is of the utmost importance.

Dr. Goffney has a real passion for students and education. She is excited and ready to get to work focusing on a simple equation in life: Education = A Better Future.